6 Easy Exercises to Burn Your Arm Fat Quickly

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There are certain body parts that accumulate fat that’s very hard to get rid of. Even if you tone your body and work out actively, those parts will be stubborn enough not to go away.

One of those areas where the fat settles down and is hard to get rid of is the arms area. The more fat accumulates in the area, the more flabby the upper arm gets, which tends to bother many people.

Women experience this issue very often, and if the top arm fat is accompanied by armpit fat, this tends to be a problem while wearing straps.

Since this is such a problem for many people because it bothers their confidence, we’ve gathered some exercises for you to do in order to get rid of the flab around the upper arm effectively.

1. Simple Starter

This rotating arm exercise is easy and is usually the first one you do for your arm routine. This is a good warm-up and reduces flabs.

  • Stand and have your feet to apart
  • Stretch your arms so that they’re aligning with the floor in a parallel way
  • Make a fist with both your hands
  • Start moving your hands in a rotative motion. Repeat this about twenty times. You should mimic a clock’s motion
  • Rest for about fifteen seconds
  • Repeat up to fifteen minutes

Repeat this at least two times a day. You can basically do it absolutely anywhere since you don’t need anything.

2. The X and V Exercise

This is a straightforward exercise and you can do it as a first warmer up as well. Read below about how to do it yourself.

  • Stand up with your legs apart
  • Stretch out your arms fully, and pull them on the inside, so they form the letter V
  • Then, while doing this, pull them, so they make the letter X
  • Repeat by going back and forth for about twenty times.
  • Relax your arms for about fifteen seconds between each twenty-time set
  • Repeat up to twenty times overall

Do this routine twice a day or even a lot more if you can or have the time.

3. Arm Plunges

Flex your biceps and triceps by using this exercise that will tone your arms out in no time!

  • Stand up with your legs apart
  • Stretch out your arms. Do this while your palms face forward.
  • Bring your arms up and have them being up like they’re facing the sky
  • Repeat quickly up to twenty times
  • Relax your arms by bringing them town for about ten up to fifteen seconds
  • Repeat this in your routine about ten times

You should repeat this about two times per day. To make this a bit more challenging, you can even hold up some weights, or a can, or maybe just a water bottle. This will be better for the flexing since your muscles are going to have something to hold on and will be tighter.

4. It’s All About The Elbows

This is a routine that consists of two segments. Push and release! Read below to see what it’s all about.

This is useful as a standalone exercise since it’s a bit more complicated than the others, and you should do it about two times per day.

  • Stand up while your feet are apart
  • Stretch out your entire arms from side to side
  • Make fists with your hands and roll your elbows
  • Then, push the elbows in their original position so that they face the front
  • In the same moment stretch your hands out
  • Repeat these movements in a quick manner for about twenty times
  • Relax for fifteen seconds

Repeat up to fifteen times

5. Namaste But Upside Down

Better your triceps situation with this exercise!

  • Stand up and lift your arms up to the sky. They should be above your head
  • Then, put them behind your head, and as people do the “Namaste”, do the same thing but your hands should be upside down behind your head
  • Even out the levels of your palms and head by bringing them up while they’re still together
  • Repeat quickly about twenty times
  • Relax for about fifteen seconds by bringing your arms down
  • Repeat up to fifteen times

Do at least two times per day

6. Push and Pull

This is another exercise you could put into your routine that’s going to help you out get rid of the flab around your arms

  • Stand up and make sure your legs are apart
  • Then bend so that your buttocks is pointing out in the back. Basically, like you’re gonna to sit down
  • Afterwards, bring your hands out so that your entire arms are right in front
  • Bring ring your arms up and down like you are diving
  • Do these movements at least twenty times. Make this easier by imagining that you are pulling something placed diagonally above your head

You should repeat this process up to ten times, two times a day.

Make sure to take breaks if you’re a beginner since this can be very tiring.

Source: Brightfey | Top10Remedies


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