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Body Parts In The Palm Of Your Hand – Press These Points To Relieve Pain

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Conventional medication and pain killers can be used for numerous conditions. Like back or hand pain, but it’s quite particular that after a while you’ll get attached on the medications and will continue using them after the discomfort is gone. However, you will be shocked by the fantastic outcomes and no side-effects if you try acupressure or acupuncture to eliminate the discomfort.

When the discomfort is excruciating, in some cases, you might need to use both. Nevertheless, in other cases you need to attempt natural medicine before turning up the pills.

You can discover an extremely effective alternative technique for dealing with hand discomfort in reflexology. The method is being based on using pressure on specific points on your body in order to treat or eliminate particular illness and conditions.

You need to begin by pressing the point for 6 seconds, rest for 3 second and use pressure for a few more minutes when applying the pressure. You will help your body perform all its functions with no problems, get rid of the discomfort and eliminate the pain if you frequently practice this technique.

Highly advised by Dr. Oz, who, himself admits that he utilizes this practice regularly for incredible results. He even sought advice from the renowned reflexologist Deborah Flanagan and she explained in details how to utilize this approach in your home and relieve the pain you’re feeling.

In the given video below, Deborah randomly chooses guests from the audience and shows them how to achieve best results with this practice. Sinus obstruction, tiredness, irregularity, insomnia, pain in the back and decreased libido, all visitors were struggling with some sort of issue. Deborah reveals the audience how to fix all these problems with ease, just by utilizing acupressure.

Take a look at the video below and see on your own.



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