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Do Not Let People Kiss Your Baby!

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Babies easily grab the spotlight at gatherings with friends and family. With their chubby cheeks, big eyes and round button noses they are absolutely adorable.

If you’re the parent, you probably take great care to make sure they’re cleaned after being handled by a few people. But no amount of wiping will help when it comes to one particular type of bacteria. It can be deadly and it’s passed onto your baby through seemingly innocent action.

The Dangers of Kissing A Baby

When Claire Henderson’s daughter Brooke was born, many people visited her in the hospital. One visitor was unknowingly carrying the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1).

67% of the people around the world are infected with this virus which makes it incredibly common. Like Brooke’s visitor, many do not even know they have it.

An adult’s immune system can battle the virus just fine and so exposure to it through kissing is not a huge concern. At worst, it will result in a cold sore.

But as Claire Henderson learned, it can be deadly for a baby.

While feeding, one day Claire noticed sores had begun to pop up around Brooke’s mouth. Doctors at the hospital told her that if babies are exposed to HSV-1 within their first 3 months of life, it can spread throughout the body and result in severe brain and liver damage.

Luckily, Brooke’s condition was treatable. But some parents haven’t been as fortunate.

Charlotte Raveney and her husband Mohamed lost their 11-day-old baby Mira to HSV-1 that had been passed via a kiss in 2008. Mira’s body had not yet developed antibodies which could fight HSV-1.

Similarly, two-month-old Kaiden McCormick died of HSV-1 that had been passed to him by his father through a kiss in 2013.

How to Protect Your Baby from HSV-1

Many people are not aware of just how severely kissing a baby can make a harm. Do not kiss a newborn on the face even if you don’t have any signs of HSV-1, now that you know!

Make sure to keep an eye open for the following symptoms in your baby, especially after they’ve been handled:

Cold sores on baby’s face

Burning around the mouth or lips



Take your baby to the hospital immediately, if you notice any of these signs. If you get to doctors in time, they will know how to treat the condition and keep your baby safe.

P.S Because babies always keep their hands in their mouth, don’t kiss their hands as well…

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Source: healthawarenessforall


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