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How Does Peanut Butter Affect Your Appetite and Blood Sugar?

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Almost everyone craves peanut butter. People with diabetes know that after their diagnosis, there are a lot of forbidden food.

Still, the good news is that peanut butter is beneficial for people with diabetes.

Rich in protein and unsaturated fat, the peanut butter can make an excellent nutritious addition to snacks and meals for people with diabetes.

The researchers at the Federal University and Purdue University  found out the effects of peanuts regarding appetite and glycemic response in obese women with risk of type 2 diabetes.

Consuming peanuts or peanut butter as the first meal of the day, might help keep stable blood glucose during the day, according to this research.

Additionally, it was found that even after a high-carb lunch, the peanut might help reduce your appetite.

The researchers came to light that peanuts and peanut butter boost the secretion of the hormone PYY, meaning, peptide YY which is an appetite-suppressing hormone.

The women who had peanuts and peanut butter reported feeling fuller for a more extended period of time and had lower blood glucose after lunch.

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According to this study, regarding the glycemic response, the peanut butter had a more beneficial effect. This was compaired to the peanuts.

The combination of high protein, healthy oils and fiber is what makes the peanut butter suitable for control of appetite and blood glucose is

The Best Option is Natural Peanut Butter

The above-mentioned research was done on natural peanut butter. The natural peanut butter has only nutrients which come from the peanuts. This is in comparison to the commercial peanut butter.

The commercial peanut butter has hydrogenated oil, salt and added sugar. The natural peanut butter in 2 tbsps. of serving contains 7 g of protein, 13 g of healthy unsaturated fats, 3 g of natural sugar and 2 g of fiber.

The nutrients found out that the peanut butter helps stabilize the blood glucose and prevents blood glucose spikes by lowering and slowing down the overall blood glucose levels.

Ideas to Include Peanut Butter in Your Diet

Have 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter instead of eating pretzels and crackers for a snack. You can have a sandwich with whole-wheat bread and peanut butter. Or, you can add peanut butter to your oatmeal.

Have in mind that you will need to consult your doctor before making any changes in your usual diet.

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