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I Had Lost All Hopes, Believed That I Would Have To Live With Diabetes All My Life! Now I’m An Ex Diabetic Thanks To This!

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For almost 6 long years I suffered from diabetes, I tried all sorts of medicines and drugs for diabetes and recently my doctor told me that I needed to inject insulin in order to stabilize my blood sugar level. Thankfully my friends encouraged me to visit a naturist doctor. Thanks to this natural infusion that, I am already free of diabetes.

Fig leaves are well known for their astringent and regulating properties of blood glucose within oriental medicines, thus occupying an important place in the natural treatment of diabetes. Probably not many people know that the fig tree is a very healthy food; However, not only is its fruit tasty and has numerous medicinal properties, but its leaves are also very valuable for our organism.

Fig Leaves And Diabetes

The fig leaves contain high amounts of natural insulin, so their consumption lowers the need to inject the substance. It is an exceptional natural treatment for those who suffer from diabetes.


Infusion of Fig Leaves: Put 3 fig leaves (of which you produce edible figs) in half a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Use it as drinking water, in a month you will start noticing the results.

Other health benefits of fig leaves:

The fig leaves lower levels of triglycerides in the body, therefore must be consumed regularly, which prevents heart attacks and obesity.

A good treatment against ulcer is to chew the fig leaves and swallow the resulting juice.

Figs are one of the fruits that have the most fiber so, consuming them is beneficial to the digestion system. On the other hand, it is advisable for obese people or those who want to lower their body weight, considering that it accelerates the digestive rhythm of our body. It is also a natural laxative that serves to fight constipation.

You can prepare a tea from fig leaves which is a home remedy perfect for treating bronchitis, asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system.

Blood pressure
Fig is an important source of potassium, an effective mineral to reduce and control blood pressure, so it is recommended to eat this fruit regularly to people struggling with hypertension.

Antioxidant Properties
Studies have actually shown that figs have antioxidant properties. Two medium dry figs should be consumed daily to produce a substantial increase of these compounds in the body.

Bone Density
Figs are also a crucial source of calcium for the body, therefore they favor bone density. They also prevent the loss of calcium through the urine, which prevents a weakening of the bones. For this property, they become an ideal food for those women who are at the age of menopause, a stage that can considerably impact the bones.

It is time then that we start to incorporate this yummy fruit to our habitual diet. Cheer up and you can enjoy the benefits of the fig and its leaves for the health of your body.

One of the qualities that most characterize them is their expectorant power, since it contains properties that help us to clean the lungs. For this reason, the leaves of the fig tree and its fruits are highly suggested when we suffer from respiratory diseases like bronchitis, colds, excessive mucus … Applying this fruit will help us to remove this excess of mucous and find us much more relieved.

Its laxative power is also exceptional, so it is highly recommended the intake of figs when you have issues with constipation or stomach. It is a great ally to recover the intestinal transit and to prevent issues derived from its malfunction. In addition to this, antirheumatic properties are attributed to it, so it is a good idea for people who have a family history of this illness to take figs, along with those who practice a lot of sports and subject their joints to high wear.




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