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Milk Wax – Makes the Skin Just Like Milk

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I have never heard about this before, but my sister is using this wax for a year and her skin is just like milk.

You will need these active ingredients:


-Sodium bicarbonate

-Cucumber juice

-Gelatin powder fruit taste

Instructions: Take 2 tbsp gelatin powder in a bowl, add 2 tbsp of milk, half tsp of baking soda

and 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice.

Mix it well and put it in microwave for 10-12 seconds

With the aid of a brush use this mask. Let it dry totally and then peel it off.

Use it 3 times in the first month, then use it on routine periods

Your hair development will minimize 100%, gradually.

This wax can be used anywhere on your body.

Watch the video listed below.

Source: healthonlinecentral


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