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Relieve pain with Pressing These Points on your Palm

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There might be a risk that you became dependent or addicted to some medications, if you’re treating yourself with certain medications for most of the pain you experience.

However, using the traditional healing techniques, known as acupressure and acupuncture can provide the same effects and relieve from any type of pain.

In order to relieve from the pain, there are some situations where you will need both of these techniques, but despite that, it is very good to know that there are natural ways to relieve from pain, and don’t experience any side-effects!

A healing method which is actually a part from the alternative medicine is represented by the reflexology, which is using pressure on some points or spots that are stimulating some nerves and through that heal many issues and problems.

In this pressuring process, the main healers are our hands. You only need 6 seconds to start the technique, which is followed by a simple 3 second pause, and then we do another several minute pressure wave.

By doing these techniques you will be able to improve the functions of many organs in your body, relieve from almost any type of pain and improve the performance of each part of your body.

According to Dr. Oz, who was one of the most devoted followers of this technique, this practice is doing wonders for our body. He wanted Deborah Flanagan, who is a famous reflexologist and also very experienced to show people how they can get a quick relief from pain by using these pressure points. In the experiment, volunteer guests were selected.

This video below will show you how Deborah Flanagan provided the positive results and healed some pains.

Some of the patients were suffering from sleeplessness, fatigue, diminished libido, back pains and sinus blockage.


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