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Soak Your Feet in a Baking Soda Solution and See What Happens to Your Cracked Heels

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Bad foot hygiene can leave you embarrassed that is why you need to learn how to maintain a proper hygiene for your feet.

You should know that everyone has different bodily tendencies. Those individuals who tend to sweat more have more problems when it comes to maintaining foot hygiene.

However, everyone needs to maintain a regular cleaning regime because regular bath does not have the same effect. Many factors can contribute to dry feet such as aging process, shoes, climate and workout routines.

Usually, when people take baths, they forget to pay attention to their feet and this a huge mistake. Therefore, if you pay special attention to your feet couple of times per month, it won’t be a mistake if you forget them during your bath since they will obtain a special treatment.

The sole focus will be on your feet with separate hygiene regime for your feet. You do not have to spend time and money at the salons; you can do that at home.

It is hard to do it on a daily basis due to the fast pace of living and tight schedule, but you can do it at least once per week.

The best time to pay special attention to your feet is at night before you go to bed. In that way, you will be able to relax to the fullest. Also, your feet have enough time to soak up the oil you are going to use.

You will need to moisturize, scrub and cover your feet. It is crucial to trim your nails because they can accumulate dirt that harbors germs. You can use a nail file to smooth the edges of the nails.

Since it is hard to know what is in the scrubs and creams that are specially made for foot hygiene, the safest way is to make your own mixture and be sure of what you apply on your feet.

You will fall in love with this cheap, easy, natural, simple and beneficial mixture to get rid of your cracked feet.

Baking Soda Mixture

Necessary Ingredients

  • 3 Tbsp. of baking soda
  • 4-5 Liters of water in bucket (enough to fit your feet)
  • Pumice stone or brush
  • Coconut or lavender oil

7 Steps for Dry Feet

Step #1 Test the Temperature of the Water

Fill a bucket, basin or tub with lukewarm water. Next, you need to dip your hand inside to test the temperature. If is comfortable on your skin, then you can put your legs inside.

The water should not be too hot or too cold. Bear in mind that the bucket should be big enough, so you will be able to put both feet.

Step #2 Put the Baking Soda

In the tub add the 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir the water until the baking soda dissolves.

Step #3 Soak Your Feet

Take a chair, sit down and put your feet in the tub. While you soak your feet for around 5-10 minutes, you can watch TV, listen to your favorite music or simply relax.

Soaking can help soften the skin on the feet, particularly the tough skin of the heels and soles. In addition, it prepares the feet to withstand the following exfoliation and scrubbing without any harm.

Step #4 Exfoliate with Pumice Stone

Exfoliate the feet with a pumice stone or a brush. A pumice stone can be easily found at any beauty store. Take the pumice stone and gently scrub your arches and heels.

With this, you will get rid of that layer of dead skin cells. Bear in mind not to be harsh. Instead of a speedy, take a steady approach. If you put too much force, it can result in producing more dead cells as a protective reaction of the body.

Step #5 Dry the Feet

After you are done with the exfoliation, take a dry and clean towel and pat your feet. Pay attention to that particular area between the toes and dry them completely.

Step #6 Trim Nails

Your toenails get soft thanks to the footbath, therefore now is the ideal time to trim them. Take a toenail clipper and remember not to cut too close.

Step #7 Moisturize with Coconut/Lavender Oil

This is the most important step, and you should not forget it. By your choice use lavender or coconut oil and moisturize your feet. After you gently massage the oil into your feet, put on cotton socks.

Wearing cotton socks is also an important part of this treatment. If you do this at night, you can wear them overnight and achieve a better effect.

Repeat this treatment at least once a week, and after you get rid of your dry and cracked heels, you can do it once a month to maintain your soft heels.

You should notice positive results after your fourth treatment or that is after a month.

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