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Stop Hair Loss and Accelerate Its Growth

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Garlic fights against hair loss both internally and externally, because of the properties contained in it. Due to this reason do not hesitate to include it among your favorite recipes.

Have you ever attempted to stop hair loss? You have probably already applied several attempts and did not get what you expected.

Because garlic oil showed effectiveness in a variety of hair types, it is a natural product which has gained value in the list of medicines that fight to prevent hair loss. It gives effective results in a few days.

For most of us, the smell of garlic is not pleasant. From the internal organism to the exterior, its medicinal properties have been valued since ancient times.

What is the reason for using garlic oil to reduce hair loss?

Especially in gastronomy, the garlic vegetable is used at home.

It is a strong fighter in medicine and can be used in processes of prevention and healing. Additionally, it gives a good flavor to the food.

Since it cures the infections and fungi, it is used on the top of the hair and is indicated because it improves the hair health generally which increase by the scalp and improves the weakness of the hair.

If you use it regularly, you will notice the following benefits:

-Healthy improvement

-Does not thin the hair

-Provides strength to hair roots

-Stimulant to the growth of new hair.

-Transform the damaged hair

-Eliminates itching and burning

It was compared with other antibiotics of normal use and natural plants of higher price and the result was that the garlic has antibacterial uses.

Applying it decreases bacteria and the infection that causes capillary damage, which stimulates the natural growth of the hair.

If used regularly, it activates the circulation of blood in this area and increases the stimulation on the hair follicles.

Garlic oil formula to stop hair loss

This remedy feeds damaged hair, restructuring it and leaving it with admirable shine, looking amazing. Let’s do it simply


-2 cloves of garlic

-8 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


  1. 1. Add the peeled garlic cloves in a pan, then add the olive oil so that it covers them completely.
  2. Warm them a few minutes on a slow heat, until you breathe the fragrance of the oil, then remove it from the fire.
  3. Store it in a closed container and in a dark place, for minimum of 24 hours

Approximately, the oil lasts one month without refrigeration and 2 if it is refrigerated.

How to apply:

It is advisable to do the method at night, before going to sleep, Because of the smell that is expelled.

-Put the oil in your hand and apply in the form of massage covering hair and scalp

-Cover it with a bathing cap or towel, wash it in the morning with the shampoo you use.

If you expect quickly results, it is essential to use it at least 3 times a week, but if you feel it buttery, do it 1 or 2 times a week.

If you want a strong and healthy hair you should make a balance between the foods you eat. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water.

Source: homeremediescorner


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